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Lead and transform the mining industry in Colombia Our company has been designing, implementing, and developing a digital transformation process, integrating emerging technologies in all areas of the company, restructuring and changing the skills of its members, its vision, the way it operates, and the value it delivers to our clients.

This implies the reinvention of products, services, processes, market strategies, skills of its employees, workflows, online marketing models, SAGRLAFT 4.0, digital traceability, as well as interactions at the level of the board of directors, clients and value among stakeholders.

For this, we have a digital tool called HET, which manages the Orange-Tech SAS Digital Foreign Trade Ecosystem, articulating Big data and data analytics, Blockchain, real-time video, digital identity, educational content for the mining sector, mining community, among others.

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Lead and transform the mining industry in Colombia

FINTECH Orange Tech Proposal

Digital Identification

It is the process that allows characterizing and defining the three types of attributes that make up the profile of an individual on a digital level, in this case the people involved in the supply chain.

Biometric Validation

Process that allows to measure and analyze biological data that make an individual unique and unrepeatable, validating the information with official data, in order to guarantee the supply chain.

Mineral digital traceability

Digital gold trading ecosystem, through the design, implementation and start-up of a technological platform that guarantees digital traceability, the digital identity of people linked to the company, through biometric validation, adopting self-regulatory criteria with based on international and national normative standards with criteria of guarantee and respect for human rights.

Electronic Payment

Integration and development of financial technologies that guarantee the traceability of financial resources and the different transactions carried out by actors in the supply chain.


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