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mining industry in Colombia
Our purpose of guaranteeing traceability integrates the promotion and development of a financial inclusion and banking program of authorized mining operators, through alliances with the financial sector, the integration and creation of Fintech financial technologies, which allow the deepening of services to guarantee the economic development of the mining regions.

Banking and Financial Inclusion Projects

We want to generate well-being and growth in the communities

Our goal is to increase the level of access to banking and financial services for licensed mining operators.

Orange Tech has developed an accompaniment program for financial inclusion in which groups of 50 authorized mining operators participate.

Reach greater knowledge

In financial education of authorized mining operators in southern Bolívar.


Achieve a systems implementation

compliance by the authorized mining exporters linked to the project.

Impact communities

Achieve greater financial inclusion

Of the authorized mining operators of the South of Bolívar.


Increase access and use of digital payment methods

In the south of Bolívar, through this project, small and medium-sized miners will benefit, but it will also encourage and promote rural development and the fulfillment of the goals proposed in the sustainable development objectives

Impact lives

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