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Performance Areas

Foreign trade of precious metals

  • Purchase and export of precious metals or their concentrates.
  • Digital platform HET for precious metals trading.
  • Consultancy in assembly and implementation of foreign trade systems.

Accounting, legal and tax services

  • Mining contracts.
  • Legal and accounting support in mining titling processes.

  • Consultoría en derecho aduanero, comercial, minero, penal y tributario.

  • Legal compliance of authorized mining operators and marketers.
  • Structuring of tax strategies.

Mining and environmental technical assistance

  • Diligence of documents for the authority mining and environmental.
  • Advice on extraction operations and mineral benefit.
  • Advice on mining safety.
  • Design of actions for prevention, mitigation and compensation of environmental impacts.
  • Elaboration of productive projects that promote sustainability in mining areas.

Formalization and legalization of mining

  • Technical and legal support in mining formalization and legalization processes for all types of authorized mining operators.
  • Guide pending request for special reserve areas.
  • Legal guidance in  mining legalization processes.

Financial Inclusion and banking programs

  • Projects for financial inclusion of the mining sector.
  • Promotion of knowledge of financial entities in territories.
  • Management for access to banking services of authorized mining operators.
  • Integration and promotion of financial technologies.

Traceability in the supply chain

  • Digital identity and biometric validation.
  • Implementation of the O.C.D.E due diligence guide
  • Strengthening mechanisms for SAGRLAFT systems.
  • DNA Gold project to guarantee the origin of the mineral.

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